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Alternately, reptiles produce uric acid as the end product of protein, nonprotien nitrogen and purine metabolism. This means that in place of urine, the uric acid is  .Like birds, reptiles excrete uric acid and also pay a high energetic price. Presumably the excretion of uric acid originally evolved in both groups to permit the .Animals such as birds and reptiles which must conserve water, excrete nitrogen as uric acid as a solid mixed with very small amounts of water. The conversion of  .In birds and reptiles, and in some desert dwelling mammals (e.g., the kangaroo rat), uric acid also is the end product of purine metabolism, but it is excreted in .

Not highly concentrated by mammalian standardsalthough it may be turbid with crystals of uric acidthe urine of birds and reptiles is conducted not to a .Do reptiles excrete uric acid? Answer . Yes. Why excretion of uric acid instead of urea is of greater advantage to birds and reptiles? its not about advantages, .Reptiles like birds, reflux urine into the intestine where it is exposed to the microflora. However, the capacity of these microbes to breakdown the uric acid and .Gout is a common disease among reptiles, including snakes, iguanas, monitor lizards, and tortoises. What causes gout? Uric acid is one of the breakdown .

As a result, reptiles with uric acid excretion are better able to conserve water because the urine flows into an organ called the cloaca, where crystals of uric acid .in reptiles is increased serum uric acid (sUA), hyperuricemia. The most frequent causes cited for hyperuricemia and gout in reptiles include renal impairment .

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