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Whether you're looking for a premium quality lubricant or an exciting new way to enhance your . See how K-Y® couples are enhancing their intimate moments.After taking off the bed sheet, we were dismayed to see that the mixture of KY brand lubricant and female ejaculatory fluid had soaked through into the mattress  .Learn about the K-Y® Brand Liquid Personal Lubricant, gentle enough to use for all of your intimate occasions.Learn about K-Y® Brand Jelly water based lubricant, which is a safe and gentle for non-irritating intimacy enhancement.

K-Y Jelly is a water-based, water-soluble personal lubricant produced by Johnson . but Johnson & Johnson removed it from the market after finding that it could .Even with the top closed tight, I found one of my lubricants leaking ALL over the place. Not exactly practical. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews.20 Dec 2012 . Available at Spice . In the purple bottle, the woman get a invigorating, tingling lubricant.on Australia's largest opinion site. Before you buy K-Y Brand Ultra Gel Personal Lubricant, visit to see what Australians think about it.

8 Mar 2013 . The recalled brands are K-Y Tingling Jelly, K-Y Sensitive Jelly and K-Y Silk-E Vaginal Moisturizer and Personal Lubricant. . Last July, J&J took its K-Y Liquibeads vaginal lubricant off the market, . See more comments » .K-Y Personal Lubricant Jelly. $5.99 . See when this item arrives. Available. In Stores . Provides personal lubrication to comfort dry intimate areas. Lubricates .

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