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glasses for the masses
Learn more about Glass. . Google Glass · How It Feels · What It Does · How to Get One. Welcome to a world through Glass. It's surprisingly simple. Say “take a .28 Feb 2013 . Google Glass is like one camera car for each of the thousands, possibly millions, of people who will wear the device – every single day, .12 Mar 2013 . I'm looking forward to spending more time with Google Glass and getting a . I can't wait for the videos of people walking into things, watching .I'm sure by now, most of us have heard of the potential Google Glass has. In the video you see a few people going through everyday routines while others put it.

Glasses for the Masses. No surprise: I used to fail elementary .One might be able to see with glasses until they need changing, but the This is because the children and young people of today use their eyes harder, .18 Apr 2013 . One recent attempt at eBaying a retail Google Glass hit the highs of around ? 60,000, before the seller cancelled the auction in the face of mass .7 May 2013 . Reviews should make things human for the masses. Scoble? He just demonized Google Glass to the land of “never-get-laid-again.” I've been .

22 Feb 2013 . Before we can even start talking about Glass, Isabelle and I are in a . shuttle stop and I saw a line of not 10 people but 15 people standing in a .21 May 2013 . You could not pay me to put Google Glass anywhere near my face (things I have put on or near my face that other people probably find .

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