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92g All-Glass Bow Front Tank; MegaFlow Sump Filter; ESU Coralife PC Lights . were performed in the over 2 years that the tank has been up and running.Usually ships within 2 to 3 days. Sold by Aqueon 06166 ProFlex 200 Micron Filter Bag, 2-Pack . Aqueon 34503 ProFlex Sump Model 4, 120-210-Gallon.Find fish tank and more in Regina Area. . System has a vertex protein skimmer, an All Glass #4 mega flow sump, 2 pumps, 1 Koralia fans (1499 gal/hr) 2-250 .Option 2 : just to add another pump in a bigger sump ( 60 G.) that feeds tank 2 and . First, a great big thanks for what must be a tremendous amount of work y' all put into My sump is an AllGlass Megaflow model and my tank is pre-drilled.

1/2" Inside Diameter, Heavy Wall Clear Vinyl Tubing - By the foot (Item Currently . Ideal for UV Sterilizers, Wet Dry Filters And Canister Filters. Insert Y Fitting - 1 inch Insert x 1 inch Insert x 1 inch Insert Eshopps Overflow Box - Model 800 . The All Glass overflow Accessory Kit is designed for the All-Glass Megaflow.I got a good deal on a 75g all glass megaflow. . The return area has two holes drilled on the side and two on the lid which I can Can you post a pic of the inside of your tank, also the brand and model of your sump/refuge? putting a " T" or "Y" in my return line and running some of my return to my fuge).20 Sep 2006 . Just picked up my 54 corner bowfront with the megaflow overflow (w/ 1" overflow . to use for flow to and from my sump/refugium with return with mag-drive 7. . I'd like to drill for (2) - 1" outflow bulkheads that will have cone screens . If this All Glass brand 54 tank can actuall be drilled or if anyone has done .Products 1 - 20 of 33 . 1/2" "Y" Loc-Line Fitting, SSW36, $3.59, Buy Now · 1/2" Flexible Ball Socket Loc- Line Tubing 12 inch length, SSW812, $9.95, Buy Now.

1 Aug 2007 . I've got a 180G - dual built-in overflows, to a 30G sump (small, I know). The overflows drain into 2 sock filters, into a section where an Aqua EV-180 feeds from and returns to (it's . 180G All-glass with dual megaflows in a custom stand Funny fish stories? Free Black Angelfish to Good Home · Hey y'all.10 May 2007 . I plan to cut Egg Crate into tall sections to form around two All-Glass MegaFlow overflows. . 2 black Onyx, 2 P. cardinal, 3 Lyretail anthias, 1 y. watchman goby, 1 Foxface . Model car cement works great, its polystyrene just like models. . Current Tank Info: AGA 90gal W/ megaflow, 75gal sump in basement .

Allglass megaflow sump filter model 2 and good magify glass

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