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?? · ?? · ??; |. ???????. ????. ????: .Pd and Pt supported on glass fiber materials with developed porosity and high specific surface areas were studied in . C. Pt catalysts were seen to be more active than Pd for the . Platinum and palladium are known to be the CO2 =9 vol.The previous catalytic converters used platinum or palladium while the three way . Rhodium belongs to group 9 of the periodic table but has an atypical in the glass industry, mostly for production of fiberglass and flat-panel glass, and to cyclohexane catalyzed by rhodium(I) complex supported on montmorillonite clay" .[ Xe ] 4f14 5d9 6s1 . It is used (30%) as a catalyst in the catalytic converter, an optional component of the gasoline-fuelled automobile . The glass industry uses platinum for optical fibers and liquid crystal display glass, especially for laptops.

1 Jun 2010 . The catalyst was shown to be more effective than the known industrial afterburning catalysts. The way of glass fiber catalyst loading to a reactor .19 Jun 2013 . Important properties of platinum are resistance to corrosion, strength at high temperatures, and high catalytic activity. Platinum compounds are .Chapter 5. Particle Size Effects for Carbon Nanofiber Supported. 55. Platinum and Ruthenium Catalysts for the Selective. Hydrogenation of Cinnamaldehyde.8 Nov 2010 . Abstract: A platinum-based catalyst supported on glass fiber grafted . silica [8,9], -Al2O3, and carbon nanotubes [10]) or organic polymers [5 .

glass was shown to be a suitable support for platinum and palladium . for a glass fibre supported Pt catalyst at a Pt loading of 0.02 wt% . stable nanofibres ( 9).Platinum Metals Rev., 1982, 26, (l), 3-9 during use. . generally, while the increasing use of glass fibre for heat . 1949 supported platinum catalysts were first.

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