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reptile license victoria
27 Jun 2013. Licences. In Victoria, it is possible for amateur enthusiasts to keep a range of wildlife at home. . Basic and advanced licences are valid for one year. Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals: private keeping of reptiles.Items 1 - 9 . 1 -. A GUIDE TO LAWS RELATING TO. KEEPING WILDLIFE FOR PRIVATE . Victoria. If in doubt, check with Wildlife Licensing at. DSE. If you operate from a shop or . Common or Green Tree Snake Dendrelaphis punctulata.6 Jan 2011 . If you are stuck on how to get a reptile license, here is some information to help get you started. . The process of obtaining one is different depending on which state . VIC - Hi, I sent out my reptile licence on Friday the 15th of February, does any one have any idea about how long it takes to receive? I Paid by money .

This link should have all the info you need. The application and fees are near the end. There are a few species of reptiles that you do not need a .Northern long-necked Turtle - Macrochelodina rugosa. What turtles can I keep without a licence in Victoria? You are allowed to keep reptiles .I'm not sure who your licencing board is in SA but the export permit will be done through them. In Vic it's the DSE, here is the link to the forms for .I want a standard recreational wildlife licence for reptiles and amphibians (which also allows keeping of a maximum of two (2) restricted reptiles or amphibians .

25 Jul 2012 . Step 1: Buy the reptile from a licensed breeder or pet shop . In Victoria, there are a few species of native reptiles that can be kept without a .26 Mar 2013 . The reptile licensing and record-keeping system allows OEH to monitor which . A Class 1 licence authorises you to keep most of the common .

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