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plum creek timber land
million USD (FY 2008). Employees, 2,000 (2007) . Today Plum Creek Timber owns and manages timber lands in the United States. The company engages in .Timberlands Plum Creek owns 897,000 acres of land in eight counties in the western part of the state. Trees the company manages on its land include: Douglas .Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc. (NYSE:PCL) Type : Public On the web . 1999 : Plum Creek becomes a publicly traded Real Estate; 2000: The Washington . In 1996, Plum Creek acquired 538,000 acres of softwood timberland and three .Eight Environmental Groups, Plum Creek, USFS Agree on I-90 Land Exchange . Plum Creek Timber Co., the United States Forest Service (USFS) and eight of these lands and an additional 2,000 acres in southwest Washington that it .

Commentary and archival information about the Plum Creek Timber Company from The New York Times. . The sales of more than a million acres of timberland in Northern Michigan have caused many people to . July 19, 2000, Wednesday  .Overview: This company is a private timberland owner, with 6.6 million acres of timberlands . each unit of Plum Creek Timber Company, L.P. was converted into one . 2000. 2.28. 1999. 2.26. 1998. Common Stock. Exchange. Year. High. Low.Today's real-time PCL stock quote Plum Creek Timber Co Inc ticker symbol XNYS:PCL price, . Russell 2000 quote is 10 minutes delayed. . Plum Creek's value unquestionably resides in its timberland holdings, which comprise 6.4 million .Silviculture Operations Manager at Plum Creek Timber Company . August 2000 – February 2002 (1 year 7 months) . General Manager- Land Asset Mgmt at.

Sappi said they would not sell their lands to a developer: . Plum Creek Timber Company of Seattle, Washington purchased 905,000 acres of Maine timberland from Sappi for $180 million - less than $200 per . Maine Times June 29, 2000Plum Creek Timber Company Higher and Better Use Lands and Implications for. Native Fish Conservation. Jerry Sorensen. October 1998. Purpose: To assess .

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