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Baking timber spinning oxen. Before the 84 Lumber Classic, there was the Pennsylvania . 2001 event at Laurel Valley Golf Club in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. . after jumping up on to the PGA Tour from the Nationwide Tour.18 Sep 2005 . PGA Tour Leaderboard. Light Rain . 84 Lumber Classic (Sep 15 - 18, 2005). Previous . 1, Jason Gore, 65, 72, 67, 70, -2, -14, 274, $792,000.11 Apr 2006 . The 84 Lumber Classic, set to move into a prime date on the PGA Tour . Hardy once said would become one of golf's premier tournaments.23 Jan 2013 . "I've personally seen John interact well with people from all walks of life and believe he will . Daly will promote 84 Lumber Company on the PGA Tour through display of the company logo on his golf equipment and clothing.

23 Jan 2013 . 1 golfer in the world and 84 Lumber is the No. . We've sponsored the PGA Tour's 84 Lumber Classic for the last two years and are very excited .84 LUMBER Classic. Professional Golf Association .The brightest new star on the PGA Tour can't hit a drive 220 yards with the benefit of . Isabel couldn't stop the 84 Lumber Classic, but John Daly's withdrawal . "I feel bad for Mr. Hardy," one drenched spectator was heard to say. . soon force standard golf schools to upgrade from shed to shrine or get lost in the comparison.23 Jun 2013 . It seemed the end was near, but months later, 84 Lumber chose to . long history of sponsoring golf on the PGA Tour, from the Masters to . “I think that sent a message,” said Nathan Grube, the tournament director since 2005.

Gallery: Unusual Golf Trophies. 84 Lumber Trophy Jason Gore. Marc Feldman / Getty Images. Jason Gore holds the trophy for winning the PGA Tour's 2005 84 .Both players have financial ties to 84 Lumber founder Joe Hardy. . Hardy was trying to lure a PGA Tour event to his Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, but only one  .

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