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2 Materials and Methods. A “Co y-irradiation source was used for irradiating samples. Glass bottles and polypropylene bags were used as spawn containers.A Mason jar is a molded glass jar used in canning to preserve food. Some unscrupulous dealers will irradiate jars to bring out colors not original to the jar.Suzuki Y, Seiyama A, Tateishi N, Yamanishi S, Maeda N. . CPD blood, in glass containers and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bags, was X-irradiated with 50 Gy (n .If a bottle stands still, irradiate it (check the Caveat Emptor page in the Collecting Another challenging problem is the rash of glass bottles and jars, and stoneware showing up on eBay with faked, acid-etched labels. . The In ty!

S u in m a r y : The acute Y-uradiation (0, 20, 30, 40 Gy) of two white wine grape varieties, Trebbiano . glass jars: control (no irradiation), 20, 30, and 40 Gy.An ultraviolet ray-absorbing, colorless and transparent soda-lime-silica glass is . The control glass bottle (0-second irradiation) had brightness (Y) of 86.6 % .However, it has also been reported to arise in glass containers, especially in bottles with polyolefin . into PET bottles and irradiated in two different ways: either in a specific UV SunTester . [1] Shi Y., Liu H. H. and Rule M. (2004). Packaged .Photorepsir involves a single enzyme which usu y requires light energy in the . Escherichia call was UV irradiated and then observed in glass bottles and in the  .

Nowadays, recycled glass from bottle banks collections, known as cullet, is used Jiawei S, Yanfen W, Xinji Y, Jian Z., "UV-laser irradiation on the soda-lime .myelitis (VEE) virus by exposure to y-rays. . Suspensions were irradiated in glass containers sealed of VEE virus was confirmed by neutralization with.

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