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ssh x11 forwarding cant open display
7 Feb 2010 . I'm getting Can't open display "localhost:10.0" for ssh -Y . Do you have X11 forwarding turned on in /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the server?23 May 2012 . I'm trying to run a graphical program remotely, without using ssh. I've set the display . Error: Can't open display: . Here's what worked for me, also after trying the xhost + method, NOT via ssh X forwarding:.16 Sep 2011 . I'm trying to open xterm on my remote server (Ubuntu Server 10.04) with ssh: . X11 forwarding set up by ssh, at least by overriding DISPLAY .27 Jun 2011 . ssh -X N ssh -X M xclock Error: Can't open display: . If I forward M's ssh port to my local machine it still does not work: terminal1$ ssh -L .

2 days ago . With SSH X11 forwarding (`ssh -X`), get `Can't open display` trying to . I'm able to login to sever using . Any advice what I'm missing here?25 Mar 2011 . No protocol specified Cannot open display: . I've googled on this, and cannot for the life of me figure out what I'm supposed to . The other obvious question is - are your ssh server and client configured to allow X forwarding?Error: cannot open display: localhost:0.0 - trying to open Firefox from CentOS 6.2 64bit and display on Win7 . ssh opengl error: X Error of failed request BadRequest . I'm trying to X forward a demo aplication from the CUDA SDK, but i get this .17 Aug 2008 . (I'm using 'ssh -X -Y login@ubuntu-host') . Error: Can't open display: ubuntu-host :11.0. . can you connect without the X11 forwarding?

22 Aug 2011 . Can't Open Display; Next message: [OpenIndiana-discuss] X11 Forwarding. . I posted it a couple e-mails ago, I'm new to this whole mailing list thing . you're performing an SSH X11 forwarding, > >>> so xhost+ won't apply.29 Dec 2012 . X11 Forwarding SSH . Midori - Cannot open display: . I'm pretty confused, xhost + in the ssh session or in the terminal of a x session running .

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